Thursday, June 23, 2011

There Sometimes Are Stupid Questions

I get this question so many times and never have I understood it:

Does Ashley go to school?
I'm thinking to myself, "What a stupid question. Of course she goes to school. I think it would be against the law for me to not send her to school."
What I answer to the person, "Yes, she goes to school."

Oh, is it a special school?
I'm thinking to myself, "Of course it's a special school, my sweet Ashley goes there."
What I answer to the person, "It's our neighborhood school."

Really? With all the other kids in your neighborhood?
I'm thinking to myself, "Why wouldn't she go with all the other kids?"
What I answer to the person, "Yes, with all her friends from the neighborhood."

Well, isn't that special. It's wonderful they let her do that.
I'm thinking to myself, "Idiot, what an ass you are."
What I answer to the person, "Actually, it's wonderful that Ashley lets all her friends go to the same school as she does. She's very particular about the company she keeps."

Awww, well she's so sweet.
I'm thinking to myself, "And you are not someone I want to converse with any further. What a jerk."
What I answer to the person, "Yes, she is very sweet."

One of these days I may consider taking the time to explain to one of the questioners why their belief system is wrong. But then again, they probably wouldn't listen.


Dark Angel said...

Sadly, there are people like that everywhere. I once had somebody tell me how they really admired my independence and courage; all I was doing was walking along a quiet street. And sometimes, if it comes up and I mention I cook for myself, people are often genuinely amazed.

JoeWM said...

Long time reader - first time commenter (I think): Those questions sound so familiar to me. I have to keep telling myself - it's just ignorance, it's just ignorance... but sometimes the questions/comments are just so insensitive and wrong-headed. Thanks for all you share.

Jon G said...

Its funny to see someone else affected by stupid questions. Makes me ask, "Do you ever hear yourself out loud?" and "Do you THINK before you speak?" If you don't mind, here was MY take on the subject: