Monday, June 27, 2011

Shiny Happy Faces!

If you were to stop by my house any time day or night, you would probably notice that my carpet glitters. Pretty colors of red, gold, silver and blue twinkling up from most of the rooms in the house. Blame it on Ashley!

Ashley likes to always have something in her hands, and for the longest time, her favorite thing has been wires with glittering stars attached. The sales clerks at Michael's craft store look at me funny when I purchase 20 strands at a time, but Ashley goes through them pretty quickly.

She twists and turns them, making different shapes. She pulls them apart and starts all over again. Then, she will take several of all different colors and weave them together. Eventually the wires will get so tangled that she sets them aside and starts anew with other wires. Thus the 20 I buy on each trip to Michaels.

Even though the wires come with the star glitter attached, Ashley doesn't want the stars on the wires. She wants it on the floor. So now you know why my carpet glitters!

Yes, it means my carpet never looks perfectly groomed (is carpet groomed?). But the glitter makes Ashley happy and when Ashley is happy, so am I. Our house becomes a magical place with shiny, glittering floors and her happy smiles and giggles. How could I let a vacuum take all that away?!

1 comment:

KittyDobson said...

do you think it would have anything to do with moving around the house? Like the pathway glitters? I'm positive that she's memorized the house, but it was just the first thing that popped into my mind!