Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming Home

Finally, a decision was made yesterday. Ronnie will be coming back to our neighborhood school for the next school year.

At the end of last year during Ronnie's IEP meeting, I was sold a bill of goods. I was told that the new zone program for hearing impaired students would provide Ronnie more of a Deaf culture experience. That didn't come to be....and Ronnie missed his friends at his old school. I won't list all the issues and reasons why I wanted him to transition back, but I will say that he was very happy at yesterday's meeting when the decision was made.

He will now attend the school from which his two brothers graduated and the school where his sister still attends. The staff at the school is very excited to have him back, and he has been texting his friends to tell them the good news.

Sometimes what looks like a good approach actually isn't. However, when one looks at the 'whole' student, not just the disability, the right approach is clear.

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