Monday, April 30, 2012

High and Low

She's a middle school teacher. Before that she worked for our state's TTAC, the Department of Education Training and Technical Assistance Center. TTAC's website says their staff will:

•Promote collaboration and teamwork with school teams families and community agencies, to build stronger educational communities.
•Promote access to educational opportunities for all children and youth with disabilities.
•Provide technical assistance that promotes evidence-based practices.
•Remain current in our knowledge of effective practices in the areas of education and technology.
•Deliver quality evidence-based training opportunities to meet the diverse needs of the adult learner.
•Foster a work environment that promotes healthy, human relationships.

The students in her classroom all have the label of severe disabilities. Some are deafblind, some with autism, some otherwise diagnosed.

Last week she directed one of the classroom aides to take the 'highs' to another classroom. It was clear that she meant the higher functioning students.

So now, besides having all the other labels assigned to them by the school district, these students have one of two other labels - High and Low.

You know what, Madame "Teacher", and I use that term loosely, I have a few labels for you....

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