Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh No, Here She Comes Again

I read a post yesterday about labels on a blog titled Mother of Shrek. As the author pointed out, our children have lots and lots of labels. But, as a parent of children with disabilities, I know I have lots and lots of labels also.

There are the ones we parents expect – Mom, Mommy, Momma – as well as other family-related labels – Sister, Aunt, Single Parent and Ex-Wife.

Then there are my work-related labels – State Employee, Computer Engineer, and Information Security Officer.

And ones relating to other people in our world – Friend, Mentor, Advocate, Ally, and Colleague.

And the ones relating to my many jobs around my home – Chef, Maid, Laundress, Gardener, Chauffer, Tutor, Nurse, and Teacher.

But perhaps my most special labels are the ones given me by my school district – Difficult Parent, Parent Who Thinks She Knows How Her Child Should Be Educated, Pain in the A**, B*tch, and my all time favorite – “Oh No Here She Comes Again”!

What labels do you have?