Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Needing Answers - Sooner Rather Than Later

Ashley’s seizures are becoming more frequent and more severe. She is also experiencing some weakness in her right arm and hand. I’m thinking that since her two brain tumors are on the left side of her brain, they may be the cause of that right side weakness.

Her next MRI is scheduled for Thursday of this week, just two days from now. Then we follow-up with the neurosurgeon the next Tuesday. I really hope and pray that he has some answers for us because the three seizures medicines that Ashley is taking are not controlling the seizures and their side effects are not pleasant.

Ashley has been through so much in her 12 years of life, and I wish I could take her current health issues from her body and put them into mine. She really deserves to just be a kid for a while. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers…

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