Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It's been quite a week - really high highs followed by really low lows. Let's see if I can find ten things for which I am thankful...

  • At the very top of the list - Ashley doesn't have to have brain surgery right now

  • That Ashley slept all night last night. I can't remember a night like that since the day I adopted her over 10 years ago

  • That Dancing With The Stars is back on TV

  • The really good hamburgers I made for dinner tonight

  • That the bus problem experienced yesterday was solved today

  • That this Saturday we're going apple picking

  • Dr. Ted Williams, Ashley's gastroenterologist, and the fact that he was available on very short notice yesterday

  • Henrico County Fire Fighters - they came to Ashley's rescue once again yesterday after an incident at school, transporting her to the ER, and keeping her calm and happy the whole way there

  • Shoe shops that can repair a favorite pair of shoes and not charge a fortune in the process

  • My son, Chip. Each day brings another facet to this special kid and his many talents.

1 comment:

Casdok said...

It has been quite a week hasnt it!
And still positive! Good on you.