Monday, February 25, 2008

I Am Truly Humbled

This past weekend, my friend Lynnette and her lovely daughter, Brooke, welcomed me into their home and their hearts. I am forever changed by the time I spent with them.

Dear Lynnette,

Thank you so much for opening your home and your family to me this past weekend. Being able to spend the whole day with you and Brooke was magical! As I looked through all of your photo albums and scrap books, the history of your journeys with Brooke, it was impossible to not feel a part of your family. It was so exciting to see the progress Brooke has made throughout her school career so far, and to have such a wonderful teacher early on really set the foundation for Brooke’s future success. To see photos of your trips to Florida and the Bahamas, to see Brooke visiting with her birth family, and to see all your family and friends reveling in Brooke’s life was beautiful. You have never let Brooke’s disabilities hold back the fun and exploration of the world around her. You have provided her with so many unique opportunities, opportunities I know you and Brooke both will treasure for all the years to come. I feel honored that you chose to share those memories with me.

I am also very honored that you allowed me to take part in Brooke’s care that evening. Like my own sweet Ashley, if a person had only words to help them picture Brooke, those words would overwhelm. But seeing and experiencing the routines you have put in place, the joy you both experience as you move through those routines, makes all you and Brooke have to do seem effortless. Believe me, I know it is far from effortless, but your love makes all the work a joy rather than a burden.

Brooke is a very blessed little girl to have you as her mother, and you are a very blessed mother to have Brooke as your daughter. I believe the two of you were destined to be together before either of you were even born. I know the struggles you both face are extremely difficult, but I see a strength in both of you that will carry you through whatever life throws your way.

Your strength humbles me – your commitment inspires me – your love for Brooke brings tears to my eyes. You are my hero, Lynnette, and the example of the mother I hope to be.

Ashley's Mom


Casdok said...

A beautiful letter.

MMC said...

Beautiful post. Sounds like a lovely experience for all of you.