Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latimer on Day Parole

Last December, I wrote about Tracy Latimer, a 12 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Tracy's father, Robert Latimer was convicted in her death. Mr. Latimer appealed a recent decision by the parole board allowing him no parole. That appeal has resulted in Mr. Latimer being allowed day parole. He has served 7 years - 7 years for murdering his daughter. Here is a link to the story about his parole appeal and the decision:

Latimer Parole Decision

And, oh yea, as part of the parole decision, he cannot have responsiblity for anyone who is severely disabled. I feel much better about all this now (she said, sarcastically).


zeppo said...

I do not understand why the 10 years mandatory minimum does not mean ten years. The sentence is supposed to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years as I understand it.

Ashley's Mom said...

Zeppo, I don't get it either...

mommy~dearest said...

Oh yes...that reinforces my faith in the system. *rolls eyes*

MMC said...

If you are looking for the legal answer to that question, try here:

Scroll down to Day Parole
Day parole:
Prepares an offender for release on full parole or statutory release by allowing the offender to participate in community-based activities.

Offenders on day parole must return nightly to an institution or a halfway house unless otherwise authorized by the National Parole Board.

Offenders serving life sentences are eligible to apply for day parole three years before their full parole eligibility date.

That would mean he has served seven years of that life sentence and so is eligible for day parole (not full parole) at the seven year mark. It's a way of gradually moving offenders back into the community, instead of saying "Your time is up. Off you go and be good now".

Ashley's Mom said...

Thanks, MMC