Monday, September 7, 2009


Ashley loves butterflies. She has butterfly pictures - butterfly books - and butterflies on her clothes. So the 'Butterflies Live" exhibit at our local botanical gardens seemed tailor-made for her.

We visited the gardens this past weekend. The day was bright and sunny and a tad on the warm side. But, we arrived at the gardens just as they opened, and went immediately to the Conservatory, the home of the butterflies.

Just entering the Conservatory was interesting. We had to go through one set of doors, and wait in a small area until the door through which we had entered was closed. Then, the door into the Conservatory was opened. All this was done so that the butterflies wouldn't escape. Signs were posted everywhere asking that visitors watch where they walked so the delicate butterflies wouldn't be crushed underfoot. And, before we left, we had to do a butterfly check of our clothes!

But once inside, the experience was amazing! Butterflies were flying all around, often just inches from our faces. Butterflies were also perched on fruit that had been left for them, and one the many plants in the Conservatory. Needless to say, Ashley was in heaven. She even wore her favorite butterfly shirt to celebrate the visit!

Our trip was a wonderful exclamantion point to the end of summer! Check out the incredible pictures taken by my son, Chip...

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