Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful…

  • that I was not one of the almost 600 state employees that were laid off this past Tuesday

  • that so far, the employees who remain working for the state will only have to take one furlough day (without pay). Of course, that only covers this year. We have been told to expect worse next year and the year after.

  • that Ashley has done ok with this first week of school. I’m not sure if she is learning anything, but at least she has been happy and uninjured.

  • that I am having lunch with my college student son, Chip, today

  • that Ashley’s black eye is starting to look a little better

  • that Maks, from Dancing With The Stars, came to his senses and ended his engagement to Karina. I’m still available, Maks….

  • for all the work I got done around the house last week, especially cleaning out all the closets. Wonder how long they will stay looking neat?

  • that it is finally getting cool enough to enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning

1 comment:

Azaera said...

I'm glad Ashley's eye is getting better too. I hate when Skyler has scratches even though I know they're from his sharp little baby nails, I always feel like a bad parent. I swear I cut his nails every other day but they grow so fast.