Friday, September 18, 2009

News - Both Good and Bad

Electric Cars Present Hazard for the Blind

I would love to own an electric car – some little sporty model that got zillions of miles to the gallon of gas. But, because I am the mother of a child who is blind, my concern for her safety outweighs my desire for a ‘green’ vehicle.

Electric cars are quiet. So quiet that my daughter would not hear one coming as she was trying to cross a street. But the Nissan Leaf, a concept car, seems to be addressing that issue. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, and with the Leaf, I can feel like I am in the movie!

Repulsive New Movie and the Bus that Endorses It

Another movie along the lines of Tropic Thunder is being released. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell will be known for such offensive taglines as “deaf girls can’t hear you coming”, “blind girls can’t see you coming”, and “strippers will not tolerate disrespect (just kidding)”.

However, even worse than the movie is the fact that the Chicago Transit Authority prominently displayed these tag lines on their buses. Once it was brought to their attention, the CTA removed the signs, but come on, how could anyone at CTA think it was ok in the first place?

Nokia Makes Texting Easier for the Blind

Ashley will be very glad to hear about this! Nokia is testing a cell-phone application that will provide Braille transcription for a cell phone text message. The application is already available for download, and Nokia wants feedback.


Azaera said...

Did you see the comments at the bottom of the page with the nokia Braille app? There's a lot of ignorant people on there. It made me sad.

Ashley's Mom said...

Azaera, I did see them. Very, very sad...

Erin said...

Been missing you, Deborah! Hope all is well!