Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amazon Listened!

First, an update to yesterday’s post – thank you all for your comments. I have some places to start looking now, and I’m not feeling quite so bad. Asperger’s is a tough disability. Corey looks like every other teenager his age, but if you spend any amount of time with him, the social skills issue will be quite glaring. Couple that with his awful past and the lack of good role models during the most impressionable time of his life, and you have a troubled young man who tries really hard to present himself as ‘normal’. Somewhere along the way he also picked up a very strong lack of motivation, and no desire to work at all. It’s a tough situation, but all your comments have been very helpful. I will keep you updated as we progress through this difficult time.

And Terri, yes, Corey does have an IEP. I think staying in school a while longer would be beneficial for him, but convincing him of that is probably not going to happen.

Now, onto today’s post.

I know I have bashed the Amazon Kindle several times on this blog for not being fully accessible for people who are blind. It always made me crazy that we had an amazing piece of technology that could have been a real asset to a person who is blind, but because of some design decisions, wasn’t.

Well that has now changed!

Amazon has announced that by the end of the next summer, new features will be added to the Kindle that will make it accessible to people who are blind. Check out this article from MSNBC:

Kindle Improvements

Now if we can just get authors and publishers to stop refusing to make their books on the Kindle audible…..


Corrie Howe said...

In the words of my Aspie. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! (For about twenty minutes.)

Marla said...

Sweet! I have never used a Kindle but I can imagine that they would be very benifical to someone without sight.

Marie said...

I really cannot understand why publishers would not want their books accessible this way. Craziness!