Friday, December 11, 2009

Bad Mother?

I work in an extremely stressful job. It’s so stressful that my team keeps a blood pressure cuff in the supply closet just to be on the safe side. I’m not complaining (much), because at least I still have my job. So many state employees have been laid off this past year, that I do feel a little guilty complaining.

When my work day ends, I am so anxious to leave and get home. When I do get home, I am met by my children acting just like a pack of excited puppies puddling at my feet. And I’m not complaining (much) about that either. But, I really would like just five minutes to unwind, change clothes and shred the pressures of the office.

Instead, I am asked what’s for dinner – I hear about what happened at school – I get reports from Amy, Ashley’s aide – and I listen to cats whining to get food.

I really do want to hear those things. I am so grateful that my children do share the happenings of their day with me. I’m thrilled that they are happy to see me each evening.

But I just want five minutes…five short minutes.

Does that make me a bad mother?

Today I am thankful that my children like me, really like me.


Terri said...

NO!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

No, it makes you very very normal :)

Nina Diane said...

here's what you say "wait...I'm going upstairs to change clothes and I will be right back.
then go in your room, shut the door and flop on the bed. Wait 5 min then go listen to everyone's day! It's what I always did when my kids were younger and it was just what i needed!

Queenbuv3 said...

Not at all. We all need alone time! We are no help to anyone if we don't take care of ourselves. I hope you find that five minutes or longer! You deserve it. NO guilt allowed ;)

Lucy said...

It makes you utterly normal. :)

Mary said...

With such a stressful job having some kind of transition is probably pretty important to your health

Some moms (and dads!) I know of stop on their way home to take a few minutes to de-stress.

Might be easier than trying to carve the space out when you arrive in the door?

Corrie Howe said...

My husband works out before coming home so that he can decompress. I like the idea of going upstairs and sitting on your bed for a few minutes.

I think you are normal.