Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

This is a plea for help! It’s December 22nd and I still need some Christmas gifts for Ashley. I know exactly what I want to get but don’t know how to find it.

Ashley is deafblind, but she loves loud music and loves to rock out to it. She will not, however, wear headphones. She wants to watch something on TV while the music is blasting. I’m not sure how to explain it, but she seems to need to feel the music (lots of bass) and also get some visual input at the same time. To her, that is the equivalent of a teenager listening to an IPod.

So what I need are ideas about DVDs or BlueRays that would have bright colorful characters or people (can be cartoonish) singing songs with simple melodies. For instance, one that she really likes is on a Sesame Street DVD we have. There is a cartoon lady with a quirky voice singing Itsy Bitsy spider. Ashley likes to do the hand movements and sway her head and body at the same time.

The disk needs to be all music (and dancing if possible), not something like the Imagination Movers who sing occasionally but talk in between songs. Does this make any sense at all??

Actually, I can’t wait until she is older and I can take her to an actual dance club with really loud music and flashing lights, but 14 is a tad too young for that, don’t you think!?

Today I am thankful for the power of the Internet in helping to find something that I really can't define well


Trish said...

Wow, that's a tough one! We love They Might Be Giants, and they have several children's DVDs out. Maybe you could find some clips to check them out on their website or on some other site.

The DVDs are "Here Come the ABCs," "Here Come the 123s" and "Here Comes Science."

Good luck!

Adelaide Dupont said...

I don't rock out to IPods either.

What about a "rave party" on the disc, or a tape of a music festival?

I can't think of any 'characters' except for the Yo Gabba Gabba, which adults (especially university students who like independent music) also enjoy. There is rap, hip hop and all sorts of genres: as well as children's educational songs.

Super Martian Robot Girl might be particularly appealling. As well as whichever of the guest stars Ashley might take a shine to at any time.

I wonder if you have digital radio stations on your TV or computer? (They can be modified variously for the bass effect Ashley craves; I do this myself on ocassion).

Windows Media Player has lots of wonderful visual effects.

Also, for the dancing part, The Merry Makers are good. Janie Morris has mentioned Company D. In the legitimate theatre/movie, there is Strictly Ballroom, Footloose, Flashdance and so on. Clips from those movies might be appreciated.

Connor's Mom said...

Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock all the way.

It's got at least three original songs in every episode, there's a ton of dancing, and the puppets are really bright and colorful. It also happens to be Connor's favorite television show of all time. You can find multiple seasons of it on DVD.

Connor loves Sesame Street too!


Esbee said...

I bought my boys these electric toothbrushes a while back and I actually thought of Ashley when I did. They play pop music.


Ashley's Mom said...

thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!

Trish, I researched TMBG and think it will be perfect. I ordered two DVDs from Amazon yesterday.

Adelaide, I had forgotten about Yo Gabba Gabba. I believe we get that show on cable so I will have Ash check it out. I've never heard of Super Martian Robot Girl - will have to check that out also.

Jess, I loved Fraggle Rock as a child! I will also see if I can find one of their DVDs, maybe at the library so I can test it with Ash first.

Esbee, it's funny you mentioned the toothbrushes. Ashley loves the regular vibrating toothbrushes so I thought for sure she would like the ones that play music. I got her one - turned it on and handed it to her when she was to brush her teet - and she FREAKED out! Maybe the voices in her head were just a little too much :)

jwg said...

There is a large series of kids' videos called Wee Sing. They might have something she likes.

Corrie Howe said...

I know I'm late, but I can only think of Veggie Tales Sing-a-longs and Wiggles. My kids still love them and they are going on 8, 10, and 17.

How about Baby Eistein, all music and colorful movement, I know infants are fascinated by them.

Are these too "kiddie?" My kids haven't gotten into other's yet.