Monday, March 15, 2010

Special School, My A**

At the end of each visit, saying goodbye gets harder and harder.

Johnny visited in our home this weekend. It felt very right having him here. It felt like an empty room in our hearts was soon to be occupied. There was boy time - there was alone time - there was Mom time. It all balanced and it all worked.

It's time to make a reality out of the whens and soons. It's time for Johnny to move home with us, and stay. And that could happen as soon as this upcoming weekend if his guardian ad litem (attorney appointed by the court for a foster child) stops insisting that Johnny be institutionalized.

Yep, I said institutionalized. Why a seemingly intelligent person believes sending Johnny to a 'special school' is better than living with a family that loves him and will take care of him is a question so ludicrous that I can't begin to imagine an answer.


Janet said...

Job security!? When Johnny joins your family his/her services will no longer be needed. Where as if he were in an institution then services will be required for ever?

Just a wild guess. It makes no sense to me. If the guardian has information that would indicate that having Johnny as a part of your family isn't a good idea, then that information needs to be put on the table for everyone to see/discuss.

Good luck.

mommy~dearest said...

Still unbelieveable. "Special school"??? Maybe the guardian ad litem needs his very own "special school".