Monday, March 22, 2010

Where Are The Ice Chips?

I’ve been in labor all weekend. Not the kind that I experienced 19 years ago with my oldest son – but labor nonetheless.

Johnny is coming home on Tuesday. I’ve spent all weekend and several weekends before that getting his bedroom ready, living through a bathroom remodel, trying to get school services in place, locating all the doctors and therapists he will need, buying the foods and drinks he will need, and searching for a vehicle solution that will accommodate his wheelchair.

I’m exhausted. But there is one more task left to complete. Monday night, the night before I become a mother of five not four, I will go and buy a bunch of balloons and make a welcome home sign to surprise him as he and his social worker pull into our driveway at 11am. I will make sandwiches and cookies to serve for lunch to the two social workers, the foster parents, and Ronnie. I will have all his clothes washed and hung up and his bedroom ready, including the Incredible Hulk perched on his pillow!

Wish me luck! It’s almost time to push this baby out, and then the real fun begins!


Janet said...

I am so excited for Ronnie, you and your family. It is going to work :-) You remain in my prayers.

Katherine said...

Sounds as though you have been a very busy lady! I hope all goes well, which I am sure it will! All the very best for the big day, when 4 become 5!!

MMC said...

The real fun begins, indeed. Good luck!

And don't forget to find a moment somewhere (I know, I know) to take a deep breath, pat youraself on the back for all your hard work and put your feet up with a cool drink. Don't worry, it's only for a moment. That's all you will have time for. After all, you will be a mother of five.

And thinking about that, I think maybe I will reapeat those Good Luck wishes again.

Deana said...

Congratulations to you and your family!

Nina Diane said...

sounds great. Congrats and you are such a wonderful person.