Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hospital - Day 3

Ronnie looked so much better this morning. The groggy eyes from the night after surgery were gone, and his smile was just a tiny bit bigger. He kept telling all of us to not laugh though because his belly hurts a lot when he laughs.

Chip had brought a bunch of DVDs, including his favorite, the Cosby Show. But Ronnie said he couldn't watch that because it would make him laugh.

He still can't eat or drink anything, and he keeps saying he is so thirsty. The nurse will put one of those little sponge lollipop things soaked in water in his mouth, and he almost sucks the color out of the sponge trying to get the water! The doctors have said that as soon as his bowels 'wake up', he can start to drink.

So our mission this afternoon was to find the sign for 'fart'. Surprisingly, none of us knew it. If only Ashley had been there, she probably could have told us what it was :)

We finally found the sign, told Ronnie he had to start *insert fart sign here* and then he could start drinking. I'll bet it's going to be a fun night!

He's running a bit of a fever, but the doctors aren't too worried about that. And, his blood pressure is high but the doctors decided to give him some IV meds for that.

So, all in all, not too bad a day. With a little luck, he will be moved out of ICU tomorrow into the PCU (Progressive Care Unit), and we can start the countdown to coming home.


Molly said...

Did they say "Have ya passed gas?"

I remember WAITING for them to ask my mom that after her abdominal surgery. I was in my teens and thought the idea of doctors asking that was hilarious.

Dalya said...

I searched through the posts to try and find the reason for the surgery but I can't seem to find it, if indeed you posted it at all. This wasn't a kidney transplant was it???


MB said...

That's funny, because I swear one of the first 10 signs I learned was the sign for fart. Thought my brothers would be more interested in learning ASL if I could teach them hilarious signs.

Ashley's Mom said...

Dayla, this surgery is a precursor to the kidney transplant. He had to have his bladder made bigger - it's called a bladder augmentation procedure. Until the bladder was fixed, he couldn't go on the waiting list for a kidney.

Queenbuv3 said...

Oh my Lord, I had no idea he was going to have to have a kidney transplant! I really hope he recovers quickly from this surgery and is able to get a kidney soon : )

Azaera said...

So glad he seems to be well after his surgery. I hope the next one goes just as well.