Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Time Draws Nigh

The surgery date is getting closer. We have met with the doctors and gotten instructions for the week leading up to surgery. It’s impossible for me to ignore and relegate it to ‘the future’. It is two weeks away…

Ronnie and I met with his urologist and surgeon this past week. He will be admitted to the hospital a day before his surgery for final preparations, and will stay approximately 10 days after his surgery.

There will be needles and tubes and invasions to both his body and his privacy. Because the hospital is a teaching hospital, there will be doctor students in and out all day – or at least until I put a stop to it and call for a reduction in visits.

There will be times without sign language support – even though I am doing everything I possibly can to forestall that. I know it will happen – it always does.

There will be sleepless nights and uncomfortable chairs. There will be strangers in the bed on the other side of the room, doubling the number of doctors, nurses and other visitors.

There will be fear in Ronnie’s eyes, as well as in mine.

But when all it said and done, Ronnie will be on his way to a healthier, happier future. I have to believe this, or neither one of us would be able to make it through the frightening ordeal.


Deana said...

I sometimes think the planned visits are more difficult, because you have to gear yourself up for it.

I hope all goes well, and without any complications.

Cheryl said...

Ask for support from child life NOW, they can do a lot of presurgery work which really helps from what I understand. I sure hope the hospital you are using has child life. If not maybe they can call someone in from a neighboring hospital??? If it was me and it were my kid I'd INSIST on it (I know you're the master of insisting).

Missed my CL posts and don't know what CL is? www.childlife.org