Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Winner and A Loser

First the winner! The winner of the caption contest is Janet with her suggestion of "No mom, I DON'T have to use the bathroom!". I'm positive that any mothers that read this blog can identify with that caption :)

So Janet, email me with your contact information and I will get the Target $25 gift card sent to you posthaste!

Now the loser. A baby bluejay fell out of its nest in the big maple tree in our front yard, and was immediately attacked by a larger brownish bird. There was so much commotion between the two that I was unable to identify the type of bird that attacked.

But look at this face...We tried to help the little one, but he/she just kept trying to fly away. Since it wasn't able to fly, I was afraid it would hurt itself more by trying. We gave it some space and will check again soon...

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Azaera said...

Poor birdy he looks so sad!