Friday, July 30, 2010

Hospital - Day 4

Thursday morning brought a brightness to Ronnie's eyes that I hadn't seen in a while. He was looking much better, and I began to question when he could move out of intensive care.

He still can't eat or drink, and that is really starting to bother him. His digestive system hasn't quite 'woken up' yet, and until it does, the only thing he gets is the IV. He also has a tube in his nose leading to his stomach. That helps him to not get sick, because vomiting would not be a good thing considering the long incision on his belly.

Early in the afternoon, he actually got up to sit in his wheelchair. The nurses had to lift him, and that part was pretty painful, but he really liked being out of the bed. Unfortunately, soon after that, the doctors came to change his bandages, and that was also really painful.

Cranky was the word of the afternoon, and seeing all the doctors again and hearing that the nose tube couldn't yet be removed, was just the icing on the bad cake. So Chip, Corey and I called it a night so Ronnie could go to sleep. He was falling asleep before we had picked up our things to leave.

If he could have slept all night, that would have been wonderful. But at 2am, the nurse called to tell me they were moving Ronnie from the ICU to the regular pediatric floor. I'm glad he's out of ICU, but 2am in the morning??? Really, it couldn't have waited a couple more hours...???


Queenbuv3 said...

Glad to hear he is out of the PICU : )

Trish said...

Sounds like he is on a positive path of recovery. What a trooper!

Stephanie said...

So glad he is out of the PICU, but don't you just HATE when they do that??? UGH!

Feel better soon Ronnie!!! :)

Steph and CHristopher

MMC said...

Hospitals in action ... what a sight to behold. Not quite a thing of beauty.

One of my Mom's favourite stories was about being hosptalized and having the nurse wake her up every night to give her a sleeping pill. She finally had to ask the doctor to discontinue the order for the pill so she could actually get some sleep!