Friday, December 17, 2010

An Always Holiday Spirit

A lot of people seem nicer during the Christmas season. Not everyone, of course. There are still those folks who are impatient standing in long lines or angry because you took the parking space they believed was reserved for them. But I have noticed more smiles, more "Have a great holiday!", and more considerate comments to the salespeople and service workers.

I'm glad to see it during Christmas, but I really wish I saw it more all year long.

I know that we all get impatient, get angry, and just have bad days. But it's more of the blah days I wish we could overcome. I know it's early for New Year's resolutions, but I want to thank more people in the future. I want to smile at strangers more often. I want to slow down and enjoy the life that surrounds me not just the life I have programmed for myself and my family.

I want more people to say, "What a nice person" instead of "What a b*tch." I want my children to learn to be more thankful and less expecting. I want my whole family to notice sunsets more often and comment on lovely flowers more often. I want my children to rush to help someone, not rush to criticize or complain.

I just want to bottle this Christmas spirit and let it out in dribs and drabs all year long. And if someone runs out of the Christmas spirit, say around March or April, I want them to be able to go to the Christmas Spirit store and get some more - free of charge, of course!

Tonight, this Friday of no particular importance, I will pray for more peace, more respect and consideration, more happiness, and more joy. Will you join me?


Dalia said...

one really great way to start with thanking people, is just plain being thankful!! It's something I've started to do to help with a resurgence of my depression, when ever I am having a bad day, or feel one coming on I stop, and say ok, right now, at this moment what are 3 things I am thankful for, and then I thank God for them. I find it's leading me to be more thankful, and more appreciative of others and what they do for me!! Just as an idea!


Azaera said...

What a wonderful sentiment. I was just thinking yesterday of how silly it is that December is the only month most people ever think to be kind to each other.. Really that holiday spirit should be year round.