Monday, December 13, 2010

Rock Stars!

There was no way that the end of season wheelchair basketball party could be held at some wimpy place like Fuddruckers. No, these were wheelchair warriors we were celebrating - kids with trachs, some with crutches, most with wheelchairs - kids whose basketball game resembled a rugby game more often than not.

So, kudos to the folks at Sportable for organizing a rock climbing event to celebrate, and a special thanks to the staff at Peak Experiences for making dreams come true! Most people would have thought that kids with non-functioning legs wouldn't be able to climb a rock wall. Most people would be wrong! Check out these pictures...

This is Ronnie, almost at the top of a two story rock wall!

My son, Chip, was the belayer for Ronnie.

Here's one of Ronnie's teammates making the climb!

And another teammate...

And Ronnie wasn't satisfied with the two story wall - he had to master the three story wall also!!!

And finally, here's a shot of the two walls the boys climbed. I wanted to just put into perspective how tall these walls were! Way to go, Guys!!!

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