Monday, December 20, 2010

Good News for Isla - Great News for the Rest of Us!

Friday I wrote about wanting to bottle the Christmas spirit of love, joy and peace and making it available all year long. So imagine my surprise when my brother emailed me about a wonderful blog titled "Good News For Isla." Isla's Mom has decided to document her journey to find a good story, person, event, or charity every day for a year. She is currently on day #66.

In the first post Isla's Mom wrote for the blog, all is explained:

I'm not a blogger, or really anyone who has ever wanted to have a diary or written narrative with which to hassle. But I feel confronted nearly each day when I turn on the news, radio, or glance at the internet, and see one sad story after another. Our world is clearly imperfect. We humans are definitely not making it easy on ourselves. Living, though, in this constant state of despair only creates and fosters fear. Fear of people, nature, the unknown, and life as we know it.

I am a mother now, and fear is not the legacy I want to leave my daughter. It is a choice that I (and my husband) have to make, and somehow we have to figure out how to not shelter her from reality, but to also instill in her a sense of hope. Not only do I want her to know of the good news that is currently happening in her first year or so of life, but I also have this intense desire to expose myself to good news. I need to have my hope restored. Merriam-Webster defines interrupt as "to break the uniformity or continuity of," and that is clearly what my life and thought process needs. To be interrupted. I need this interruption, to remember that there is good in this world. So that I in turn can instill this hope in her.

So, this blog is born. As a means to document my journey to find a positive story, event, person, or charity each day for a year. My wish is that some day my daughter will be able to look back and see that amazing events and people filled the days at the start of her life, and that goodness and hope continues as she grows older.

This daily good news is EXACTLY what I need, and I bet most of you will enjoy it also. I urge you to visit and visit often! And thank you, Isla's Mom!!!

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