Monday, September 5, 2011

Earning the Tee-Shirt

We can now officially wear the "I survived Hurricane Irene" tee-shirt.

After 7 long days and even longer nights, our power was restored, and my life got better. I told you in my last post that I would be back as soon as the temperature inside my house was cooler than outside my house, and by Saturday morning, that was the case. It was then on to tackling the mountain of laundry that had been building all week, and now it is Sunday evening, and all the laundry is done!

The first few days after Irene stopped in for a visit were sort of an adventure. By day four, we were all cranky, hot and ready for life to get back to that which we call normal.

I know we did not have it anywhere near as rough as others. In fact, there are still about 10,000 people in my area who still at the end of day 9 do not have power. And then there is the tragedy of North Carolina's Outer Banks. They weren't wiped off the face of the map, but it was close.

I am very thankful for the generator that we have, even though it did die on day 6. Thankfully the generator repair folks were Johnny on the spot and got it fixed in a couple of hours. And, I am thankful that I had an air-conditioned office to go to each day. It was 8 hours of respite from the heat.

Now, Hurricane Katya is headed our way, but the hopes are that it will turn before it hits the East Coast. I sure hope the forecasters are correct because otherwise, I am packing up and heading far, far away...

Now on to the next challenge of our life - the start of school!!!

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