Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Girl

I'm very interested to find out if Ashley's teacher and other school staff notice a difference in her now that school is back in session.

Ashley and I worked very hard over the summer to reduce and then eliminate two of her medicines, medicines she has been on for over 10 years. The side effects of those medicines include drowsiness, agitation, and a general malaise. I think the difference is pretty astounding, but am interested to see if others notice.

When Ashley met with her neurosurgeon last week, he noticed a difference. He believed she was more aware, more engaging, more in-tune with the world around her, and I agree completely. Of course, that comes with its own set of challenges!

Those teenage behaviors which can wear a mother down are more pronounced now. There is more emotion, more opinion, and yes, more drama. But there is also more understanding, more learning, and more 'presence'.

It is difficult at times but I love it!! Let's see what the school staff thinks :)

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