Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Being Green

This weekend, the kids and I decided to try our hand at making a rain barrel. Our local science museum was having both the rain barrel workshop and a Go Green Garden Festival. Since we are museum members, the only cost involved was $25 for the rain barrel and all the pieces for making it. After checking the prices online for a ready-made rain barrel, we got a real bargain, and the kids learned something in the process!

Here are some photos. Chip, of course, did most of the making of the rain barrel, but Ronnie and Ashley were at the ready in case he needed any help! And of course, at the end, they both provided quality control checking!

The Go Green Garden Festival was packed with lots of good information, and unfortunately green stamps for everyone's hands. Ashley did NOT like the stamps, and did her best to get it off. I guess she took Go Green seriously...

The booth at the festival that intriqued me the most was a Living Roof demonstration. I really, really, really want one....

We could use the water from our new rain barrel to keep it alive!!

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