Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making a Difference

he⋅ro  /heer-oh/ –noun, plural -roes; a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities.

Since adopting Ashley, Jessica and Corey, I have met many heroes:

  • The birthmother who turned and walked away, giving Ashley a chance at the life she deserved

  • The judge who gave me custody of Corey though I had no home study, no background check, and no one other than Corey's relatives to say I would be a good mother for him

  • The therapist who helped me realize that the only way I could make things better for Jessica was to turn over her day-to-day care to professionals

  • The teachers along the way who have refused to waiver, even under the pointed stares of supervisors

  • The doctors who believed Ashley could not only live, but flourish

  • The friends who believe in me and my choices when most people think I've lost my mind

  • The attorneys who fought for Ashley's rights as if she were their child

  • The due process hearing officer who looked me in my eyes after the hearing and told me 'Good luck'

  • and the social workers who didn't laugh when I said I was ready to adopt again

Our children draw out the hero hidden in many people. Who are the heroes in your child's life?


Corrie Howe said...

We've had some wonderful people working with and for Jonathan over the years. They will always have a special place in our hearts and prayers.

The Henrys said...

Hello, my name is Debbi and I found you through 5MFSN. I have a daughter with CP and a chromosome disorder.

For sure, our heroes are my husband, my son, and my mom and dad, all for loving her first, no matter what. They have always been there for her, and she loves them too!

There is this man who does a music show for the kids at our public library in the summer. His name is Kevin Devine and he is amazing!

I took my daughter and we were struggling to have fun. He was so wonderful with her, and saved her a music instrument because he knew that she would be the last one up to get it. He was leading a parade around the room, and my daughter and I were way behind, so he stepped aside and waited for us to catch him, then he had my daughter leading the entire room in the parade. I cried for days over that! I think that was the nicest thing that has happened to us.

Also, the advocate who kept working with us even though she had lost her job as an advocate. Her company didn't get the grant so they had to shut down, but she kept working with us on her own time.

Thanks for making me think about this because I have been down and needed to think about the good stuff!

Terena said...

my husband Rick. He married me when Queen Teen was four, knowing full well what he was getting himself into and yet he did it anyway, devoting himself to a child who isn't his biologically, but is absolutely his in every other way.

Terri said...

We to have worked with and known some amazing folks, but right now the 2 people who are impressing me the most are my two other children. They go above and beyond anything I could ask of them to make sure Jenn gets what she needs--they teach, they tease, they help. They blow me away!