Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Prayer for the 5th Day After the Snow Storm

Dear God,

I have truly enjoyed the gift of snow You sent last weekend. Thirteen inches! Wow! And to think that we had fourteen inches just 6 weeks ago.

The kids and I really enjoyed Your gift – the beautiful fat flakes of snow falling from the sky – the way our yard and driveway resembled a fluffy down blanket – and the way the sunlight made it glisten like diamonds. When You send a gift, it truly is a magnificent gift!

You probably knew that we would enjoy making hot cocoa while watching movies and staying in our pajamas all day long. However, by the third day, our pajamas were getting a little smelly. And that hot cocoa – the chocolate scent still wafts from where it was spilled on my carpet.

At least the kids had plenty of time to play their video games – killing and maiming all the bad guys and zombies on their virtual planets. But we also had time to play all those board games that seldom come out of our closet – Clue, Monopoly, Fact or Crap, Things, etc. I never realized what little cheaters my children could be when bored though.

And all that food I stocked up on just before Your gift arrived – well, it’s all gone and the kids have resorted to eating their cereal with KoolAid and their toast with spaghetti sauce. Did You know that brownies made with bits of Captain Crunch in them are not all bad?

So, thank you again, God, but please could I ask just one more favor? My city could use some more snow plows and some more road salt. If they had that, perhaps the school buses could get into our neighborhoods and take all our little darlings back to school. And maybe, just maybe, I could have a little bit of hair left after pulling out most of it this past week.

You know all that “Give us this day, our daily bread” stuff? Forget the bread today, dear God, and send the school buses.

Thank you, Amen, Please……


Katherine said...

Oh no! Housebound for 5 days ... I too would be pulling my hair out. I hope God answers your prayers sooner rather than later because if you continue to pull your hair out it could cause a whole new other problem for you.

No hair = Cold head ! LOL

Seriously though I hope things return to normal for you soon!

Corrie Howe said...

Amen, sister! Three days at home with the kids this week....and that's before the snow blizzard coming tonight! Send chocolate and wine!