Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday at the Park(ing lot)

The weekend was beautiful. The snow was melting - the sun was shining - the temperature was in the 50's - pretty much a heat wave given how our winter has gone this year.

So the urge to get out and enjoy the nice weather was overwhelming. Unfortunately, the money was not. So, what's a family to do? Why, go to the parking lot and throw crackers to the seagulls, of course!

I grew up very near the beach, and one of my fondest beach memories is of feeding the seagulls. There would be one gull nearby, but as soon as I threw the first crust of bread in the air, a score or more of gulls would immediately appear.

Several years ago when we took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Ashley met seagulls for the first time. She calls them beach chickens, and today she seemed just as thrilled to see them fly just feet from her as she did that first time.

It was a very nice moment on a beautiful warm winter afternoon!


Katherine said...

Sounds like a perfect thing to do! It's fun feeding the birds & watching how the birds interact. And just as chickens have a pecking do have the 'beach' chickens. There is always one that is the boss & there is always the one that seems to miss matter how hard he tries to get a bit! Cheap but Fun entertainment! Just as the old saying goes..." The best things in life are free"

Lindsey said...

Beach chickens, how precious!
I get grown up discussion time by going to an outside restaurant on the beach near us. I sit on the deck outside and chat with my friend while my daughter feeds the seagulls. She can do it for hours, so I have plenty of time to visit and watch her at the same time. We have to get our "alone time" when we can!
Lindsey Petersen