Monday, April 26, 2010

Ronald, Meet Ronald

Saturday we all attended the 2010 Connections Resource Fair at our local Children's Museum. Connections is all about resources - healthcare resources, camps, therapy, intensive behavioral supports, assistance animals, insurance - you name it, and it was probably there.

Started several years ago as a small operation to link families of children with special needs to community resources, it has grown exponentially, and this year was the most well attended ever. So well attended, in fact, that I believe they may have to consider larger venues for future events.

Besides being a great place to learn about resources, it's also wonderful to see all the other families and children. It's almost like a huge support group meeting!

The highlights for us this year were talking to some folks about new video phone technology, Victory Game athletic events, Miracle League baseball, hearing dog programs, and our all-time favorite therapeutic horseback riding. And, we had a wonderful interpreter who stayed with us the whole time we were there! Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse into the fun:

Ashley was fascinated by the horse's hooves...

And Ronald liked how strong the horse's muscles were.

'Milking' the fake cow was fun!

But nothing topped Ronald meeting Ronald!

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