Thursday, April 8, 2010

Truth and Horror

Today I am going to give you a link to an investigative report about a woman who was injured in the institution in which she lives. It's difficult to read, and you will want to stop after just a few pages. But, it is worth your time.

It's so easy for all of us to forget, or maybe not even know in the first place, that the things described in the report are real. And to know that it happens just around the corner from our daily go-to-work, love our families, pretty good by comparison lives makes it all the worse.

I could particularly visualize the woman in the report that was injured. She could have been my Ashley when she was younger. The way they described her was similar to the way Ashley was before she received the supports to become the intelligent, vibrant child she is today.

The contents of the report sickened me - they made me cry - and they made me want to bring home the woman that was wronged. But, I'm glad I read it, and I am very glad that there are organizations like my state's protection and advocacy agency to stand up for people like the woman in the report.

SEVTC Investigative Report


Queenbuv3 said...

Unreal! This is just horrible. One positive thing I took away from reading this is that at least there are protocals and standards of care in place that are SUPPOSED to be followed to make sure people in these facilities are respected and given proper care. and that because of these protocals and standards there is no excuse for these kind of things happening and people can be "called out" when they don't follow them.

Thank God the staff at the hospital stepped up to the plate to have this investigated. I hope that M.S. receives better care in the future. Poor woman : (

Azaera said...

That is just horrifying. That person is someone's daughter. That person is a person. I cannot believe this could happen to someone. This is so concerning. I'm glad there is someone to stand up for them after this has happened but maybe we need more. Maybe we need people to be checking in on these places every few months to make sure they're up to code and following regulations and ensuring compassionate care not just bare minimum who gives a rats ass "care". Ugh, I'm so disgusted right now.

Dalya said...

it's definetly awful! I think this womans parents/gauridans move her some where else!!! How sad.