Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today, on this cold morning with a beautiful sunrise that turned the sky many shades of pink and blue, I am thankful...

  • For all the people who have taught me to be a good advocate for my children with disabilities. I’m winning more battles, and my children are benefiting greatly.

  • For my house with all its Christmas decorations. It’s beautiful, imho.

  • For soups in the wintertime – thick, creamy, well-seasoned soups.

  • That my cat, Kitty Carlysle, is feeling better and recovering from her urinary tract infection.

  • For my son, Chip, who has the uncanny ability to find the Christmas gifts I need to buy at the absolute lowest prices.

  • For my well-shorn and groomed dog, Lizzie, who looks quite fetching (get it – “fetching”) in her Christmas collar. Thank you Miss Amy for tackling the job of dog groomer and doing it so well!

  • For the noise-canceling ear phones connected to my music player at work. I hear my music but do not hear the headache-inducing jack hammering that has been going on right outside my office window for the last week.

  • For hot cocoa with itty bitty marshmallows floating on top

  • That Ashley has been given the chance to participate in Art class at school. She absolutely loves it and our house is now adorned with several of her accomplishments. They honestly are quite well done, especially considering she is blind!

  • That I have this entire week without a scheduled school meeting or doctor visit. I keep thinking that I am forgetting something…

1 comment:

Shari said...

I commend you on your advocacy of your children. Ashley is growing up learning to be independent. Kudos to you.

So much to be thankful for.

While I don't have children with disablities, I grew up hard of hearing and later found out about RP. I still have central vision, though. I think kids are so much more resilient. Again, kudos.