Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Weak Week

Sometimes by noon on Monday, I just know I am facing a difficult week. Unlike the weeks where the difficult times sort of sneak up on you on a Wednesday afternoon, the really bad weeks announce their presence first thing on a Monday. This is one of those weeks.

It’s usually not just one thing that puts me on high alert – it’s the combination of things, coming one right after the other. The car’s check engine light comes on during the morning commute. My youngest son forgets to tell me about a physical form that MUST be completed by Tuesday morning. Someone is in my reserved parking spot at work. The cat has thrown up in the middle of the night – I know this because I step right in it when I get up in the morning. Amy, Ashley’s aide, is significantly injured by another child at school and now has her hand in a cast. One of the main computer servers at work crashes and all eyes look to me to fix it – a job that takes approximately two hours, but a job that everyone wants done in 30 minutes. And this all happened before lunchtime on Monday.

I won’t even start a list of Tuesday and Wednesday, but just for the record, things didn’t get any better. It’s now Wednesday night, and all I can think about is that Thankful Thursday is going to be a challenge this week…

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