Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guest Blogger!

My friend, Lynnette (Brooke's Mom), had a wonderful response to my post yesterday regarding appropriate gifts for children with significant disabilities. I wanted everyone to see it, so I have posted it here.

"I certainly wrestle with that one myself. I don't really know the answer to the question but I have come to think of it this way, at least for now . . . there's a little kid in all of us and the world would likely be a happier, less violent, less hurried place if all of us took a little more time to be in touch with our "inner child". I know many adults who parade around quite publicly in Winnie-the-Pooh or other character shirts and clothing, who watch cartoons of one variety or another, or who wear "Bunny Slippers" on a daily basis. My daughter happens to love Blues Clues. When she's 21 she will most likely still be watching Blues Clues and I will still buy her those DVDs if that's what she expresses interest in at that time in her life. In the privacy of her own home she can watch and enjoy whatever she wants, the same way I love watching Maks on Dancing with the Stars! I do my best to provide opportunities for her to broaden her interests by trying new videos, etc. but I will not force my preferences on her. My greater struggle is actually finding more things she can do more independently rather than constantly having mom in her face! As a professional I am supposed to encourage, in fact demand, age appropriateness. But as a mom, I remain torn . . ."

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