Friday, September 12, 2008

The Girl In The Window

I wrote in my "I Do" post the other day:

Do you look at other children - foster children, homeless children, children not receiving what you think they deserve - and want deep down in your heart to take them all home with you? Do you feel utterly depressed that you can't make the world a better place for them?

Then, one of those strange coincidences happened that makes you wonder about the Controller of the Universe, and I ran across this article from

The Girl In The Window

I warn you that it is very long. You will probably cry as you read it. And if your spirit is not touched in a way it has never been touched, then I hope your path and mine never cross.


Sandi said...

Thanks for posting the link to this. I had to stop reading several times before I finished, just too emotional. I can't imagine how a anyone, much less a parent, could do this to a child...and I can't imagine the horror this little girl has been through. Thank goodness for wonderful, caring people like her new family. What a fighting spirit this girl must have to have survived and now to strive towards trust, love, and happiness.

little.birdy said...

I had seen this linked on another blog and it broke my heart. I'm so glad that sweet Dani has people to love her now. And her brother...what a hero!!! I'm impressed with his maturity at his age. He will be a great role model for his sister.

Candice said...

This is the reason that we became foster parents. I got so sick of hearing these stories, we have to do something to stop this and we can't do anything if we are not in the system and helping these kids.

Florida had a major problem with their foster care system which is slowly improving, Texas had a lot of the same problems. There's not enough homes for these children. Please open your hearts and your home to these kids. If you have an empty room, a craft room, an office that you never use think of children like Dani and how you could change the life of a child. Anyone can do it - just takes faith, time and patience. Open your heart, a child is waiting!