Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Very Special Giveaway

I encourage you all to hop on over to the 5 Minutes for Special Needs site and enter the giveaway contest! The company that manufactures the bidet toilet seat that I had installed in Ashley's remodeled bathroom, and which I reviewed a while back, graciously agreed to provide a toilet seat, the BidetSpa - valued at $549 - for a contest.

Just leave a comment or write a blog about why you would like to win! The team of writers at 5MFSN and a representative from the Bidet Shop will decide who has most compelling story, and that person will win and have a BidetSpa delivered to their door!

The contest will be open for 2 weeks, and you will have until September 27th to leave your comment or provide a link to your blog story. Like I said in my review, I wonder where this thing has been all my life, and I know you will feel the same if you win your own BidetSpa!

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