Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • that Big Brother is over and DAN WON!

  • that Halloween candy hits the store shelves at least 2 months in advance of the holiday. That way I can make sure it's good enough to give out to the little Trick or Treaters (assuming there is any left ;)

  • for the lovely cool mornings we've had this week. Fall is definitely setting up house in my corner of the world.

  • for tubs of Clorox wipes. Since I am still rather obsessive/compulsive about keeping my new bathroom sparkling clean, the wipes make the job so much easier.

  • for neighbors who checked on my family this morning after hearing that there was a very bad wreck at the end of our street. We weren't involved, but our neighbors were checking on everyone.

  • for the excellent senior pictures my brother, Carl, took of my soon-to-graduate son, Chip.

  • for the hummingbirds that have been hanging out around my house. It's getting cooler, little buddies. You may want to start heading south.

  • for great novels like The Other Boleyn Girl - one of the best books I have read in a long, long time. Now I must rent the movie...

  • that Ashley is doing a great job each evening putting her dinner dishes into the dishwasher

  • for Ashley's new teacher this year, Ms. Sheets


DES said...

Wanted to say hello and at least try to post a comment here and there. I'm stalking...(lurking) on your blog. Very nice and down to earth blog! :)

Agree...nices temps here lately in the AM!

If you DO get to see the movie The Other Boleyn Girl...try and post if you liked the book better or the movie. I've only watched the movie (and haven't gotten it all done due to time). But...those women are so....'aggressive' I had to turn it off due to getting overly anxious (yea...I got that into it!) LOL!

Hoping to finish the movie this weekend. LOVE the costumes in the movie though.


ps..Clorox wipes ARE something to be thankful for! :D

Ashley's Mom said...

Hi DES! It's nice to meet you and have you stop by. Please come back often and I will be stopping by your 'place' also!


CC said...

I love that the candy needs to be tested to make sure it's safe! ;)