Thursday, October 11, 2007

Craving Converse

As is typical in children with dual sensory impairments (deafblindness), Ashley has many issues relating to how things feel on her body. When I first adopted her, she didn't like being held or dressed, and the only time I could cut her fingernails was when she was under anesthesia. Unfortunately, she was under anesthesia frequently. She and I worked with an occupational therapist for many years, and she has gotten over a lot of her sensory defensiveness. The only issues which remain involve her wearing a hat of any kind and trying to keep shoes on her.

Ashley is a master at getting out of any style of shoe. I've tried them all, wishing the entire time that I could get her to wear some of the cute little girl shoes that are in stores. But, when she was three years old, I found a style of shoe that worked - shoes she actually liked and would keep on. Those shoes are Converse Hi-tops.

I don't know if the canvas fabric of the shoes is more comfortable to her or if the hi-tops provide extra support for her ankles. What I do know is that she really likes them, will keep them on, and loves getting new ones - and the wilder the better. Lucky for her, offers many diffferent fabrics. She currently has 10 pairs, and we check back often to see new releases. The thing that makes me happiest is that they are reasonably priced and washable.

She may just be the next Imelda Marcus - Queen of Shoes!

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