Friday, October 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

I know - it's really Friday - but I was sick yesterday and took the whole day off from writing. So, here is this week's Thankful Thursday on Friday list. Today I am thankful...

  • that after 73 days in the hospital, BROOKE IS HOME!!

  • for freshly-baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies

  • for James Taylor concert tickets! Amy and I are going to see him next week!

  • that the weather has finally gotten cooler. Richmond set a record for heat earlier this week, and today I had to turn on the heat in my car for my morning commute.

  • for home-made cinammon applesauce, made with the apples my family picked a couple of weeks ago

  • that Ashley slept seven straight hours last night! We've had some rough nights this week, and she and I really needed a break from all her middle of the night partying

  • for cough drops

  • for my fat cat, Winky, who likes to sleep right next to my feet at night. She's better than a hot water bottle anyday!

  • that my next door neighbor, Mr. Baldwin, is back home after his hospital stay last week

  • that my son, Corey, has brought his failing English grade up to a 'C'

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Casdok said...

What a wonderful list!