Friday, October 5, 2007

A Capital Idea

I am finally starting to catch up on my blog reading and really liked this entry from Mommy~Dearest over at The Quirk Factor:

Why I Use a Capital A for Autism

Mommy~Dearest takes what she learned in college about the Deaf community and applies it to Autism. I vote for applying it to even more than that!

Amy bought me a plaque last weekend that shares the same sentiment. Painted beautifully on brick-colored wood is the saying, "Be original - if you're like everyone else, what do they need you for?". And, as Mommy~Dearest ends her blog entry, "There is more to life than just being neurotypical."

I hope everyone has fun this weekend celebrating their own differences!


mommy~dearest said...

*flattered* Thank you.

I think Ashley's sculptures are beautiful.

Casdok said...

I like that blog to.