Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • That a small tweak in a medication can have significant positive results

  • For Stuffy’s Great Garden sub sandwich – yummm!

  • That my son, Chip is making it through the Scarlet Letter for his AP English class despite all his protests about not liking the book

  • That my cat, Kitty Carlyle is once again on watch detail for those pesky camel crickets that try to come into our house this time of year

  • For Ashley’s teacher this year, Mrs. Artis

  • That both my main home heating system and my backup home heating system passed their annual Fall checkup. Let the cold weather commence!

  • For my flannel sheets that have gotten even softer with each passing year

  • For Halloween candy. Halloween is still two weeks off and we have been through two extra large bags already. At least when I have to buy more for the Trick or Treaters, it should be on sale.

  • That adding a second litter box seems to have solved my kitty dribbling problem

  • For fat, round, very orange pumpkins

1 comment:

Casdok said...

Its sometimes good to tweak medication!!