Friday, October 19, 2007

Many Hands Blankies

So much about the story presented in the link listed below makes me smile and brings me hope for our society. It’s well worth the few minutes it will take to read it, and the entire experience is something not often seen in the media today. Karen Meyer, a reporter for the ABC affiliate in Chicago, reports on disability issues. Ms. Meyer is herself disabled, and each week reports on stories centering around the disability culture. I especially liked the story presented this week because it highlights employability of people with developmental disabilities beyond the traditional sheltered workshop approach. Make sure that in addition to reading the article that you click on the video of the newscast on the right. In that video, you will see and hear Ms. Meyer relating the story in both voice and sign, and the entire thing is also closed captioned.

Fun Quilts Offers Sewing Opportunities to People With Developmental Disabilities

Oh, and one final comment, I *love* that someone believed in the people in the video and their creative abilities. One thing I feel is often overlooked in a person with a developmental disability is their need for creative expression.