Monday, July 18, 2011

A Beautiful Language

I admit that I'm a bit of a language snob. I love the English language and the way some people can spin delicious stories. But it does bother me when people fracture the English language.

I realize that writers often take many liberties with convention, and that makes for more interesting reading. But I don't believe that liberties with spoken English always turn out well.

I'm the same way with sign language.

Sign language to me is a beautiful expression of language. But as with slang in English, slang or sloppy signing bothers me. I love to watch someone sign with clarity and expression. Too often though, signers get sloppy. Ronnie is just such a signer.

When someone gets sloppy with signing, it sometimes can seem disrespectful, and it is definitely harder to follow in a conversation. Maybe that is what seems disrepectful to me...

Here is a wonderful example of someone who, in my opinion, is a beautiful signer. Clear, concise signs full of meaning, this person is a joy to watch! I hope that I can be like her..

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Rena said...

great video. really beautiful