Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Buying What You're Selling

So, yesterday I told you about Ashley's hand injury - the mystery injury that I got no note or phone call about. I sent an email, and here was the response I got:

I am very sorry to hear of Ashley’s injuries. Thank for contacting me and alerting me of your observations and concerns.

I have conferred with her assistant, the classroom staff as well as the bus driver and bus aide. No one, including myself, witnessed any accidents nor did we notice Ashley crying to indicate that she was in pain or distress. Neither I, nor any of the above mentioned staff, noticed any bruises on Ashley prior to her leaving our care on Thursday afternoon.

I took look at right hand today and did not notice any swelling but did notice that one of her fingers had a dark mark/bruise near the fingernail. It appears to be an old bruise and must have occurred during the injury you are alerting us of. I saw no other indications of injury anywhere else on Ashley prior to her leaving the classroom today.

Ashley is under the constant supervision of her 1:1 assistant thorough out the school day. The classroom staff, as well as myself, are also on hand to assist her as needed. Please be assured that Ashley’s safety and well-being is of utmost importance to us all and we will continue to work very hard to insure that she is safe and appropriately attended to.

Please let me know if you have additional concerns or questions.

I still have no explanation for the mystery injury, but I guess I'm supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy knowing just how safe she is while at summer school. Tell me, would you feel all warm and fuzzy after reading that email????

(Oh, and btw, Miss Summer School teacher, I think that the word should be 'ensure' not 'insure' in your last full paragraph...unless of course you are writing an insurance policy for Ashley, which given the mystery injury, might not be a bad idea.)


Krystle said...

Wow, the email is so technical in writing, I can feel the love.

And the BS.

KittyDobson said...

That letter just bothers me. It's hard to pinpoint all the reasons why, but there are just things in there that says 'we entertain her but not really teach her because I'm busy pursuing my own interests while being a glorified babysitter.' which is NOT the attitude you want to get from any teacher. I would be interested to find out if she actually talked to the aide and bus driver. I"m sure they would share. I mean, even her English is poorly conceived. "I took look at right hand today" I would watch this one carefully. I have the feeling you might have some more issues before this ESEY season is over! Good luck!

Molly said...

bleck. I get that teachers have to be careful about their words, or whatever, but is this woman a robot? Also, isn't ensure like, a meal replacement shake for the elderly? My 72 year old boss is a HUGE fan of them.