Thursday, July 7, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday - On Thursday

Yep, I've gotten my days all confused this week since I had Monday off for the Fourth of July. All day Wednesday I was thinking it was Tuesday. Hence, the reason Special Exposure is a day late.

Now, a little explanation about this picture. I tend to overthink things and make them more complicated than need be. I have wanted some sort of umbrella for Ashley's and Ronnie's wheelchairs. I've looked at golf stores and online, and everything I found was either too expensive or just wasn't quite right.

Then my brilliant son, Chip, who doesn't overthink things, suggested we get some PVC pipe, some spray paint, and a couple of clamps. Voila! an umbrella holder that didn't cost much at all but is quite effective. We used it during today's downpour and both Ashley and Ronnie stayed nice and dry!

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