Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Cool Is This!

NASA has unveiled a new book for blind and visually impaired readers.

The book “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters” was created with the NLSI and features tactile diagrams of the lunar surface designed to educate the blind and visually impaired about the wonders of Earth’s moon. David Hurd, a space science professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, Pa., is the book’s author. He and tactile engineer John Matelock began creating tactile astronomy tools after a student with a visual impairment signed up for Hurd’s introductory astronomy course. Cassandra Runyon, a professor at College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C. and Hurd previously produced “A Tactile Guide to the Solar System with Digital Talking Book” for NASA.

Although books from the first printing have run out, a second printing is expected in about 2 months. You can bet Ashley's name will be on the second printing list!

Here's the website about the book.

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