Friday, July 1, 2011

Rules? What Rules?

Ashley loves basketball but hates rules.

Last night, we attended the opening of a new basketball complex, one which includes a league for wheelchair basketball. Now Ronnie’s team will be able to play during the summer as well as during regular basketball season.

Both Ronnie and Ashley were in their chairs when we arrived for the opening ceremony, and most others in attendance assumed both of them would be playing the inaugural game. Unfortunately, it would not have been much of a game had Ashley played.

Ashley’s version of basketball is “gimme the ball”, “no you can’t have it back”, “it’s mine and I just want to sit here and hold it”, and “ok, now I’m ready to throw it but only up in the air so I can catch it again.”

I’m sure in her mind she would be saying, “You want me to roll up and down this court and get all hot and sweaty? No thank you.” Or, “Sorry, I can’t put on that yellow and blue jersey. It does NOT match my cute pink shorts.”

So for now, Ashley and I will be spectators, cheering on Ronnie and his team while we fan ourselves and drink iced beverages. Trust me, it really is safer that way – at least for the other wheelchair athletes!

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