Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Chip is a business major (information systems) in college, and is doing very, very well at that. He is also a burgeoning photographer and is doing very, very well at that. He also loves to cook gourmet meals, and again, he is doing very, very well at that. But there is also something else that he is doing well with, and that is being a teacher for Ronnie this summer.

Chip has taught Ronnie to do his own laundry – from start to finish. When adaptations or modifications were needed for Ronnie to accomplish that, Chip figured it out and implemented them.

He is teaching Ronnie how to cook. So far Ronnie has made peanut butter fudge and the best baked beans ever.

He is teaching Ronnie how to clean up the kitchen. Ronnie loads dishes into the dishwasher, adds the soap, and know how to start it.

He is teaching Ronnie about money – about the exchange of money for goods and services, and how to make sure the right change is received. Chip’s next plan is to teach Ronnie how to save some of the money he earns as his allowance.

Chip has taught Ronnie how to clean his room and make his bed each morning. He has taught him how much easier it is to move around the room when the floor isn’t littered with objects, and how much easier it is to find things when they are put in their proper place.

In short, Chip is teaching Ronnie the skills he will need to live independently as an adult.

I know Chip likes information systems and photography and cooking, but I do have to wonder if he is missing his calling as a teacher and mentor for people with disabilities!

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