Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For The Umpteenth Time

Ashley can't hear you - she's deaf.

No, she can't really see you either - she's blind.

Yes, she always carries that star garland with her on the bus. She has since the 3rd grade. No, she won't put her eye out with it.

No one mentioned that she has seizures? Well, she does, and is quite likely to have them during the bus ride.

Yes, she will hit her head sometimes, usually when she is trying to communicate with you and you are ignoring her.

Yes, she uses sign language but you don't need to worry. She has other techniques to communicate once she realizes you don't know sign language. Just pay close attention and you will see.

She gets overheated very easily because of one of her medications. Since your bus is not air conditioned and it is Summer, please allow her to have a bottle of water and keep her window open. I know you have rules but do you also know basic first head for heat related issues?

Ashley asked me why she can't sit next to another student on the bus? I told her that you said there were rules. Yep, neither she nor I understand that stupid rule.

And on and on and on it goes - everytime there is a new bus driver and aide - which is about 5 times a year. Why is information from Ashley's school file not shared with everyone on her school team - bus drivers and aides included? I've even written a one page information sheet that I have handed out. It doesn't seem like anyone reads it, and they definitely don't pass it on to any substitute or new drivers.

This just doesn't seem like rocket science to me...

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